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  • 09/19/2023

In the excellent film, “LA Confidential”, Ed Exley shares a brief story with fellow police detective Jack Vincennes. The story concerns a criminal who killed Exley’s father, who was never caught or identified.

“Rollo Tomasi” becomes a made-up name for Ed Exley to describe all the clever people out there who always manage to get away with their crimes.

Exley tells Vincennes this story and the name he made up for his father’s elusive killer because even though he does not have any real proof yet, Exley suspects there is a “Rollo Tomassi” inside the police department.  Subsequent events in the film prove Exley’s theory correct.

After being treacherously shot by the film’s main villain, Captain Dudley Smith, with his dying breath Vincennes calls him “Rollo Tomasi...” and then he dies laughing. It is when the corrupt Captain Smith later asks Exley who “Rollo Tomasi” is that he gives himself away, and it ultimately leads to his exposure and downfall.

Would you be surprised to learn that the political elite class in Washington DC is full of Rollo Tomasi’s?

For decades many of the powerful in this country have openly cavorted and caroused, flaunting their corruption in the public’s face. They all thought they were Rollo Tomasi...destined to always get away with it.

And they were wrong. They are not the people who get away with it. Not anymore. Like Capt. Dudley Smith, their own hubris is now going to lead to their downfall.

A Tale of Two Families

One of these families is not like the other.

One of these families was fabulously rich from the start. Its patriarch inherited great wealth, but that’s no guarantee of continued success. In fact, he went broke and then had to rebuild again, and he was even more successful the second time around. And the third. He’s no stranger to hard work, perseverance and overcoming setbacks.

The other family spent 40 years selling political offices to the highest bidders, both foreign and domestic. Towards the end, the family patriarch wasn’t even bothering all that hard to hide what he and his family were doing.

Why should they have tried to hide it?

Why shouldn't Joe Biden blatantly bring his son Hunter along with him to close a business deal that netted him and his business partners over a cool billion dollars with China? Who would **ever** be able to investigate **ANY** of the things the Biden’s were doing?

And do this thought experiment while you consider that: what do you think the Fake News Media would have done if while President Trump visited China 3 years ago, it was discovered his son Don Jr. had just closed a billion-dollar private business deal with a Chinese company?

Why shouldn't Joe Biden put his son Hunter on the board of an Ukrainian energy company while he was the point man for US policy in that region? Why shouldn't Biden openly brag about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating his son's company?

He spent 40 years getting away with this stuff and like the power-drunk elite he is, he fully expected to keep on getting away with this stuff once Hillary Clinton became President.


Let me remind you of something, OK? You can go back and check after I tell you, and you will see I'm right. Two things happened on the very same day back in April of 2019. Involving the Biden family. Two things that are **obviously** connected.

April 25, 2019: Joe Biden suddenly ANNOUNCES he is running for President.

April 25, 2019: Hunter Biden suddenly RESIGNS from the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, a position he had held since 2014.

Yup. CNN reported this awhile back.

Now, good luck finding this story using a Google internet search specifically asking when Hunter Biden resigned from the Burisma board. Because you won't find it. I only managed to track it back down because I tweeted about it at the time and I manage to find my own tweet from months ago.

Lemme post the screenshot while I'm discussing this, since once CNN realizes this little factoid is still up they might go back and try to change it:

Let me tell you why they can't replace Joe Biden. Why they're stuck with him.

They must protect this guy at all costs because the Democratic Party leadership discovered back in August of 2019 that Trump and Rudy Giuliani and others were investigating Ukraine corruption. If Biden goes down, they ALL go down with him.

There are billions - that's billions with a "B" - of US taxpayer dollars that were funneled to the corrupt Ukraine regimes of Viktor Yanukovich and Petro Poroshenko while Barack Obama was President & Joe Biden was the point man that are MISSING.

Got that?

NOBODY knows where the billions of US dollars went. Just under Yanukovich at least $37 billion in foreign loans – much of it US money – vanished. And the absurd Ukrainian impeachment farce the Democratic party leadership forced this entire country to sit through from September of last year all the way through January 2020 was about launching a preemptive strike against ANYBODY ever finding out where all that missing money went.

Every single thing these vile Democrats put the country through with that Ukraine farce was done to protect Biden and all the other elites involved, and make the political cost of finding out where those missing billions of US aid went far too high for ANYONE to be willing to pay it. These people have no real concept of what absolute Hell looks like. But they’re about to begin finding out.

They miscalculated, of course. President Trump and Rudy Giuliani did not stop. They will not stop. The evidence is going to come out. If you think all the Spygate stuff is as bad as it's going to get for the Democratic Party over the summer?


When the DOJ rolls out indictments for the massive theft of U.S. aid facilitated by the Obama administration's top officials, when they show the money trails of the kickbacks that made their way from places like Ukraine & elsewhere straight into DC bank accounts...

THAT... and pay attention here....

THAT is when it truly begins to dawn on most people in this country why they can't stop Trump from being reelected.

These crooks won’t even be able to win an election for local dog catcher by the time Trump is through with them.

Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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