Dark to Light: Assange the World Turns

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  • 09/19/2023

Thanks for joining us on a very special episode of the “Dark to Light” podcast! We recorded this today because of unfortunate technical issues we had on Friday but that said, it’s worth the wait. It’s an INFORMATION packed show.

Frank and Tracy Beanz spend nearly the entire hour discussing Julian Assange, his arrest, the deep state, and Seth Rich. The goal of today’s show is to hypothesize and give you hard information that you can use to navigate through this VERY intriguing happening.

It is an emotionally charged topic, however the pair discusses the role of James Comey, Paul Waldman, Mark Warner, and Bruce Ohr in attempting to arrange a failed immunity agreement for Assange, the role Seth Rich may have played, the forensic data behind the Guccifer 2 theory, the timing of the indictment, and even loop in Dana Rohrabacher, Rand Paul, and Jack Burkman.

They end on a lighter note with some head bopping and laughs. This is a show you definitely do not want to miss so make sure to download and share it with your friends!


Twitter Threads We Discussed

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John Solomon’s article on James Comey and Wikileaks

Leaked audio of journalist Sy Hersh discussing the Seth Rich situation

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