We have a super busy retro show today, as Frank comes to us live from 1940, and we traverse legal first and move on to culture last. The show notes are chock full of background on the Missouri v. Biden case going to SCOTUS, the X Corp v. California case, Ken Paxton’s impeachment mess, and why the UN is now more dangerous than ever. We end with a pretty tragic story about evil being rewarded by a large corporation…

Don’t forget to put your toes in the grass and enjoy your weekend! See you on Monday!

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M v. B heads to SCOTUS

The UN is upset they can’t censor at X:

What are their real plans

Elon sues California:

And they haven’t stopped retaliating against Free Speech

Paxton the way it should be:

An entitled “Wife”:

This person shouldn’t be rewarded:

The Most Hated Person on Campus