The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) President Trump turned himself in at Fulton County, providing one of the most iconic “mug” shots in history, up there with Martin Luther King, Jr.

LIVE: Donald Trump To Turn Himself In At Fulton County Jail In Georgia Election Case

2) In the debate post-mortem, Newsweak says the winner of the debate was President Trump.

3) Trump’s interview with the Tuckster was the most watched interview ever, beating Michael Jackson and the Ope: 204 million views. However, remember that sites such as Rumble and especially foreign sites could restream this without violating copyrights, and likely it’s already over 300 million worldwide.

4) It crushed the GOP debate on Faux, where it was noted many in the audience were watching the Trump interview on their phones.

Fox News Republican Debate Scores Whopping 12.8 Million Viewers — Even Without Trump

 5) So, this poll says that DeSantis and Ramaswamy did best in the debate. However, remember this is only surveying those who watched the debate, not the 204 million who watched Trump.

-From the same poll, the most important issues: cutting gubment, staying out of foreign wars, inflation, wokism, and combating political extremism (i.e., fascist Antifa and the FascistBI) were the top issues to those polled. Beating Rutabaga? Way down the list. Note that dismantling the Deep State didn’t even appear in these voters’ scorecards.

6) Asked for his assessment, RFK, Jr. said of the debate, “Out of synch with the mood of the country. Began with a request for comment on ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ . . . candidates could have talked about wages, housing costs, food costs, child care costs, nothing about systemic corruption enriching the elites as the middle class falls into poverty.

7) In a poll taken before the debate, President Trump leads Ron DeSantis by 36 . . . in Florida.

8) There is a Chinese exodus of young men, many of them coming in through the southern U.S. border. An “invasion?”

9) As Robert Barnes pointed out—namely that this was illegal—Smith had to terminate his D.C. grand jury in the classified documents case because it was an out-of-state grand jury. He was challenged by a judge—the grand jury cannot continue to “fish” for charges after the indictment out of state.

10) A hip 4-star New Kabul hotel was converted into a migrant shelter. Get used to it, subjects. You have no say.

11) When Vivek Ramaswamy said the U.S. government “lied to us” about 9/11, he referred to a meeting in Los Angeles between a Saudi graduate student and two Saudi hijackers who crashed into the Pentagon. New information now suggests that the CIA, working on American soil, was trying through a Saudi intel officer to recruit terrorists who would infiltrate terrorist networks. Typically, the CIA did not inform the FBI, either.

12) The House Judiciary has subpoenaed Citibank over data it shared with the FascistBI over the Patriot Day (J6) festivities.

13) New Beirut, otherwise known as Seattle, has hired unarmed “alternate response teams” to respond to 9/11 calls.

-Would love to see what happens when they encounter benign and peaceful armed gangs.

14) Groomer City finally tried to do something about its homeless camps then a judge prohibited a sweep.

-Looks like they’re stuck. Aw, too bad.

15) Speaking of homeless, criminal illegals, Mayor Eric the Red Adams demanded that Governor Kathy Hockalugie use emergency powers to force ALL of the residents of New York to accept illegals. Well, is all of New York a “sanctuary city” like New Kabul is?

16) The illicit Fulton County DA is seeking an October 2023 trial date in the Trump case.



17) A man was removed from a Texas school board meeting for reading from the transoid book “Flamer.” Seems it’s ok for kiddies to read this, but if adults let everyone know what’s in the books, they must be silenced. At one point, he read, “Who wants my hot weiner.” He wasn’t talking about Oscar Meyer.



18) A look at modern seminaries in the U.S. shows that all six of the Southern Baptist Church’s seminaries are in the top ten, that Liberty University has a total enrollment of 3,500 dwarfing the others, and that although there are 60 million Catholics in the U.S. but only 13 million Southern Baptists, the Southern Baptist have almost double the number of seminarians as Catholic priests.

19) Again, this was predictable: a former member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America called Jesus mean, cruel, troubling, and even a little racist.



20) In the latest “Five Interesting Things for the Middle of your Week,” Noah Smith notes that the left’s latest characterization of work as “bulls**t jobs” isn’t helpful.

21) T-Mobile is laying off 5,000 employees.

T-Mobile laying off 5,000 employees

22) In its quest for necessary cobalt, the U.S. is coming face to face with the fact that the Congo, one of the only places to obtain it, mines its minerals with children reminiscent of the English coal miners in the 1800s.

23) The ad firm behind the disastrous Bud Light commercial fired 13 staffers after a lavish trip to the French Riviera.

24) Another woke company, this time the aptly named Dick’s Sporting Goods, meets the market as its profit fell 23% in the last quarter and its stock prices dropped from $141 to $108.

25) A Canadian court said that Dr. Jordan Peterson must undergo “reeducation” after saying true things in public.

26) Saudi Arabia and Iran have joined the BRICS group.

27) Now, wildfires in British Columbia.

-How long before we learn that, as in France, all of these are set intentionally?

28) Is “happy tummy loaf,” a bread made by an Irish baker, the key to solving irritable bowel syndrome?

29) India has become the fourth country to successfully land on the moon.



30) Carlos Santana said that men are men and women are women, and transoids should stay in the closet.

31) He is joined by Alice Cooper, who worried that being a transoid is a “fad.” He repeated correct bathroom predator tales, despite the loopy Rolling Stone—the establishment mouthpiece, saying otherwise.

32) Disney stock closed at the lowest since 2014.



33) The wheel of justice turns slowly, but it is turning: AstraZeneca, makers of a China Virus vax, is facing two lawsuits over its vaxxes in England.

34) Over 370 people were charged with stealing $836 million in China Virus relief funds, including gang members who used the money to pay for murders.



35) Americans may be limited to just two beers a week under strict new booze guidelines from Rutabaga’s booze czar.

-I dunno. That isn’t even the appetizer at a tailgate party, but I guess people can substitute whiskey.



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