The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow —
Commentary by Larry Schweikart



1) The House has released Rutabaga’s incriminating bank records showing “it’s clear Joe knew” about the bribery. Cuz he was the one, ultimately, being bribed.

Comer Releases Biden’s Incriminating Bank Records Showing $20 Million in Payments from Foreign Nationals

2) President Trump leads Rutabaga in Arizona, has a (wow) 47-point lead over DeSantis in Arizona, and is at 58%.

3) While in New Hampshire, President Trump has a 34-point lead and DeSantis has dropped to a third-place tie with White Lizzo.

President Trump Campaign Rally in Windham, New Hampshire – Full Video Replay – Latest New Hampshire Poll Has Ron DeSantis in Fourth Place

4) Another lunatic prosecutor in Georgia will seek more than a dozen indictments against President Trump on conspiracy and racketeering charges that will involve multiple defendants.

-Every last one of these people must be removed and put in jail for life.

LEAK: Fani Willis to Seek More Than a Dozen Indictments Against Trump – Conspiracy and Racketeering Charges will Allow Her to Sweep MULTIPLE Defendants

5) Tuppence accidentally admitted he had the Constitutional authority to pause the 2020 slate counting and entertain an objection.

6) The big eco-lie: solar panels produce five times more carbon dioxide than previously thought.

-All these green tricks are proving disastrous for the environment as well as economically unfeasible.

7) A Patriot Day (J6) video clip shows undercover cops disguised as fascist Antifa.

J6 Clip Shows Undercover Cops Were Disguised as Antifa

8) And the Patriot Day (J6) committee destroyed evidence and did not investigate Capitol Hill security failures. Because they were on purpose.

REPORT: January 6 Committee Destroyed Evidence and Did Not Investigate Capitol Hill Security Failures

9) Wildfires are out of control on Maui, as people jump into the ocean to flee.

10) Ron DeSantis suspended a state attorney for “dereliction of duty” in prosecuting crimes . . . or lack thereof.

11) London Telegraph: “Time is running out for DeSantis to prove he isn’t just Diet Trump.” I think they meant “Diet White Lizzo, but whatever.

12) Rutabaga’s defense may be, “I’m not corrupt, I’m just a horrible father.”

Biden’s Defense: ‘I’m Not Corrupt, I’m Just a Horrible Father!’

13) The Supreme Court reinstated the “Ghost Gun” rule only so that lower courts can rule on it first.

-This is a clear pattern with the Supes: they set a precedent, then wait for lower courts to enforce it, and if they don’t, the lower courts get overturned.

14) The billions Rutabaga has handed to Green Screen Zelensky could have built TWO Trump Walls across the border.

15) Wow! A top Rutabaga energy exec said that Energy Sec Jenny Granholm held secret talks with a ChiCom official tied to Hunter’s deals before the U.S. drained its oil reserve. Evil, evil, evil.

EXC: Biden Energy Secretary Held Secret Talks With Chinese Official Tied To Hunter Biden’s Investments Before US Drained Oil Reserve.

16) The demonic Special Counsel is scrutinizing Trump’s PAC, meaning more indictments will be coming.

-As I predicted. And they will come at, shazam! just the right time to offset negative Rutabaga corruption news.

17) New York gov Kathy Hochalugie said the NY migrant problem is a federal issue, and they need money.

-Yeah, but you’re the “sanctuary city.” Suck it, Hochalugie.

18) The police department in New Mogadishu (Minneapolis) is on track to be cut in half by 2025.



19) Christopher Rufo urges conservatives to “Bring on the counterrevolution.” The only problem is that the main hero in the story is Richard Nixon, who greatly expanded not only the government but the reach of the bureaucratic empire by creating the EPA, among other malfunctions.

-His call, though, is a serious one. What would a true counterrevolution look like? I think it would take at least these three directions:

  1. Radically dismantle the public school and university systems by throwing huge federal weight behind vouchers, homeschooling, and above all, the removal of as much federal money from universities as possible.
  2. Use the government to actively strong-arm, incentivize, and encourage PRIVATE cultural funders in graphic novels, streaming shows, distribution networks, movies, and literature to get behind conservative projects AND STAY THERE—not one-offs.
  3. Radically support conservative news outlets/alternative news by steadfastly refusing to patronize the leftist outlets in any way, including interviews, appearances, or other. Make sure all news “goes through us.”

20) And this is the type of dogpoop we are up against: “Queering History,” by legitimizing studies of pure demonic, degenerate nonsense.

They Call it “Queering” History

21) And this is one way to get rid of them: Woke professors fleeing Florida in protest.”

-Well, bye.



22) Should transoid youts be welcomed in yout programs in church?

-Depends on why they are there. If to repent and get help, yes. If to display themselves in an “in-your-face/you must accept me” way, absolutely not. I use the same metaphor of a drug addict: if he is coming for redemption, yes. But you wouldn’t allow him to bring his drug paraphernalia and shoot up in service.

Biblical Purity in Youth Ministries: Should Youth Groups Welcome Transgender Youth?



23) Bidenomics sees real weekly earnings down 3.7% from last year.

KJP: “Bidenomics Is Indeed Working!” … If The Goal Is NEGATIVE Real Weekly Earnings Growth Of -3.57% YoY, Then Bidenomics Is Working! (Even Worse For Blacks At -6.23% YoY)

24) In what is probably a scary first, a woman was fired by an Australian company via keystroke monitoring, saying she had not performed sufficient keystrokes. Ooooook.

25) Best Buy is discriminating against whites in management training processes.



26)  China continues to look weaker, begging for money . . . .

27) . . . while foreign direct investment is back to 1990s levels.

28) . . . and Americans are buying less from Chy-na.

29) Niger is slipping away from the West.

-Maybe if you didn’t meddle in their affairs?

30) Common sense in Iraq: all media must replace the term “homosexuality” (note, not “gay”) with “sexual deviance.”

31) U.S. concluding that Wagner Group is not creating the discontent in Africa.

-Imagine that. People might hate their gubments because they hate their gubments.

32) Disney subscriber losses continued (7.4% decrease), and the company took a $2.65 billion “one-time” loss. Right. “Avatar 2″ has now washed through, and there is NO profitable movie except “Guardians 3″ to offset multiple bombs and the Disney Cruise Line losses next quarter. Park revenue grew, though, showing that a sucker is born every minute.


33) The “Made in America” festival featuring Lizzo, the Human Planet, was abruptly canceled.

34) Disney, continuing its collapse, has canceled the live action of “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

35) Robbie Robertson, leader of The Band, dead at age 80. Was never a fan of The Band, but without question, they were one of the most influential of the 60s-70s groups.



36)  Steve Kirsh notes that over 25% of elderly patients in a nursing home died within 20 days of getting the vax in Dec. 2020.



37) America’s credit card debt hits record-breaking $1 trillion as interest rates climb to 20%.

-God knows I’m doing my part. And Mrs. LS? She’s definitely doing hers.



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