Hey folks, sharing another fun opportunity I had to join my Dad, Charlie Seraphin, on his radio program on this little community station. Charlie has worked at every level of the radio spectrum from his first on air remote at the age of 14 in rural Wisconsin to being on-air with David Koresh in Waco during the famous siege (he was the VP of the largest Texas radio signal KRLD at the time).

He refused to tell me what he was going to ask, which is how I prefer interviews. And he is a person who likes to find the truth in his job and his life.

Please forgive the video camera stalling during the middle of the interview on him. I literally created this “video scene” on the laptop and setup cameras in the 3 minute commercial break between the previous show ending and his prayer to start the hour. I think the audio content is the material we consider for radio, so the video is just so you can see a little behind the scenes in a radio studio. Thanks for watching.

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