The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

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1) “Flopping Aces” reports that Biteme not only knew about the Mar-a-Lago raid, he helped plan it. Which is to say his handlers helped plan it. Rutabaga couldn’t plan a two-course meal if you spotted him the soup.

Biden not only knew about the raid on Trump, he helped plan it

2) The supposed claims of Trump’s misbehavior with documents are bizarre and ridiculous, as Zero took 30 million paper documents including “nuclear documents” in 40 tractor trailers out of the capital to a furniture showroom in the Chicago suburbs.

3) Bwahahaha. Texas has bussed over 7,000 illegals to D.C. since April. Send every damn one.

4) Already the Rutabaga’s vacation time has exceeded that of Trump, Zero, and W. And he’s only been in not quite two years.

5) Possibly a sign they are preparing to dump the Rutabaga: a planted story in the AsiaTimes says Kampuchea’s foreign policy would be better than Biteme’s.

Why Kamala’s foreign policy would be better than Biden’s

6) Rutabaga’s “bodyman” (odd term for the “openly gay” personal aide) has quit, joins the White House exodus.

7) Biteme plans to use AMTRACK to ship illegals into the interior. Cities should pull a Texas and ship them right back.

8) After a second trial in which the FascistBI were found to be trying to entrap the perps, two men were found guilty of trying to kidnap Gov. Witless Protection in Michigan.

-The “fine judge” disallowed every defense of entrapment.

9) This expert said regular cannabis use in people in their mid-20s can cause permanent damage to the brain. Was the control group all DemoKKKrats I wonder?



10) The housing market collapse “steepens” as new home sales keep plunging. Highest inventory level since 2009.



11) As the Ukraine war drags on, the Euro economies succumb to crisis. So Pootie-poot won, huh?

12) Yet the Wall Street Journal continues the “war tilts against Russia” narrative.

13) Even the Stars and Stripes is now taking shots at Zelensky.

14) Putin has “advanced his geopolitical goals materially” by “building political relationships based on control of global fossil-fuel supplies—a pathway opened for him by American and European obsessions over climate change.”



15) Congress now has implied that UFOs have non-human origins.

Congress implies UFOs have non-human origins



16)  Megxit’s new podcast sparks yawns.



17) Senator Rand Paul has warned Dr. Fallacy that resignation won’t protect him, but Robert Barnes disagrees, saying Fallacy will get away with it.

18) Speaking of Dr. Fallacy, a 2004 video has surfaced with the correct recommendation in which he said, the “Best vaccination is to get infected yourself.”

“Best Vaccination Is To Get Infected Yourself”: Viral 2004 Video Resurfaces Of Anthony Fauci Praising Natural Immunity

19) Thomas Lifson reports the Chicoms imposed a vax mandate, then repealed it in less than two days due to public outrage. Is that a first?

20) Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya. Unvaxxed kids are healthier than vaxxed kids according to a study of office visits.

21) Again, shocked! The RNA for Moderna’s booster was manufactured by a CIA-linked company.

RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company


And finally…

22) And finally, a Ghanian man has cut off his genitals in his sleep while “dreaming he was chopping meat.”

I’ve just no words . . . .


 And That’s Today’s News…

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