The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Marc Elias’s evil lawfare group, having failed to stop Madison Cawthorne from being on North Carolina’s ballot, has turned to Wisconsin and is seeking to block three Republicans from the ballot there for challenging fraud in the 2020 election.

Breaking: Another Hit by Dirty Marc Elias — Democrats File Lawsuit to Block 3 Republicans from Wisconsin Ballot for Challenging Fraud in 2020 Election

2) Correctomundo! Voters blame Biteme more than Trump over Ukraine, a majority favors drilling to fight rising gas prices.

3) A new report showed school choice support is overwhelmingly high at 72%.

4) Forbes terminated a researcher who was looking too closely at Dr. Fallacy’s financials.

Forbes Terminated Corruption Researcher After He Looked Too Closely at Fauci’s Financials. This is What He Found.

5) In a racial hate crime, Florida middle schoolers have been arrested for beating white students in a racially-motivated attack.

6) FBI documents have shown that the U.S. government was funding the Ukrainian Guard, a neo-Nazi group calling itself the Azov Battalion and that a “Unite the Right” group at Charlottesville was receiving Azov money to train members.

-If this is further collaborated, this is huge.

FBI Documents Reveal US May Have Funded Charlottesville Rioters Through Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group — Documents Show Ties Between Azov Battalion, US Rioters

7) At a joint press conference, Polish President Andrzej Duda subtly scolded Kampuchea Harris for making up the “green light” story of the Polish jets. “We have to adopt the perspective of the security of NATO as a whole” and did not want to “expose NATO to a difficult situation.”

During Presser Poland President Andrzej Duda Politely Scolds Secretary Blinken for Making Up “Green Light” Fighter Jet Story



8) Inflation is now higher than any time since Jesus Carter, and no, it is not because of “Putin.”

9) Westerners who invested in China via American Depositary Receipts (ADMs) have seen their values crash, with Alibaba plunging lower than its first-day closing price in 2014.

Alibaba Plunges Below First-Day Closing Price in 2014. Golden Dragon China ETF Plunges Below its 2007 Price

10) Bitme’s inflation will cost Americans an extra $300 a month.

11) Some 21 key natural gas producers were hacked just prior to the Russkie invasion of Ukraine.

But by whom?

21 Key U.S. Natural Gas Producers Were Hacked Just Before Ukraine Invasion: A Warning Shot?

12) A forest of abandoned muscle cars, from Charters to Roadrunners has rotted in a Texas barn.

13) Markets have rebounded on news that Pootie-poot sees “positive” developments in Ukraine talks and may meet personally with Zelensky.

14) Tax evasion has risen among the wealthy as the IRS conducts fewer audits.

-Biteme’s buddies certainly are being rewarded.

With Tax Evasion Rising Among the Wealthy, the IRS is Conducting Fewer Audits



15) The exceptional French actor, Juicy Smol-ley, was sentenced to 150 days in jail for faking a hate crime.

-Word is he’ll have his attacker as his cellmate.

16) Leftist television host Bill Maher says liberals have changed, rips the left on free speech.

17) Employees at gay Disney claim execs have demanded they cut “nearly every moment of overtly gay affection.”

-Probably what you’d expect a supposedly “family-friendly” company to do.

18) Meanwhile, gay Disney has paused all business in Russia.

-Guess that means no Spaceski Mountain.

19) Elon Musk’s ex-wife, singer Grimes, claims they lived “below the poverty line” in a $40,000 house and she had to eat peanut butter eight days in a row as he vowed to sell all his possessions in the pandemic.

-The Beatles reportedly used this as the basis for their song, “Eight Days a Week.”



20) Contrary to the hopium being spouted by most Hoax Media outlets, Ukraine is in big trouble and we have entered the endgame.

Ukraine faces defeat

21) Historian Niall Ferguson asks seven questions that are quite relevant to the Ukrainian conflict.

22) Here is a very different assessment of the war in Ukraine.

The Russian military intervention in the Ukraine – a macro view

23) Russia has called for a UN Security Council Meeting over Pentagon-funded Biolabs in Ukraine that involved “coronavirus” research.

Russians Call for UN Security Council Meeting Over Pentagon-Funded Ukraine Biolabs That Involved ‘Coronavirus’ Research

24) The executioner of the revolutionary murderer “Che” Guevara has died in Bolivia.

-Truly a hero who did the world a great service.

25) The Russkies have claimed that the U.S. is training birds to spread a Ukrainian bioweapon.

-Hold on now: who would have thought the federal government would deliberately give syphilis to black people, feed innocent test subjects LSD, or that Islamic wackadoodle terrorists would try to destroy airliners with shoe bombs?

26) The ChiComs have supported the Russkies’ claims of bioweapons in Ukraine. Don’t we have to believe them? After all, they are communists, and commies never lie.

27) File under “two can play that game,” the Russkies said they would welcome volunteers from the Middle East to fight in Ukraine.

-Probably those Arabs with Russian heritage, like Mohammed bin Rollosoffsky.

28) The World (Un)Health Organization advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in Ukrainian labs to prevent disease.

-So . . . there were potential bioweapons there?



29) United Airlines handed the unvaxxed a major victory by announcing it would allow unvaxxed workers to return to work at the end of the month.

United Airlines Hands Unvaxxed A Big Win

30)  . . . while the Rutabaga has extended the public transportation maskie mandate.

-They can’t give it up folks. This and “the Russians” are all they have now.

31) Slowly I turned: A health board in Washington state has recommended against requiring China Virus vaxxes for K-12 students.

Washington Health Board Advisory Group Recommends AGAINST COVID-19 Jab Requirement for K-12 Students

32) A New York Slimes article admits vaxxes, maskies, and lockdowns didn’t make a whit of difference in the China Virus cases.

33) The ChiComs have locked down a city of nine million—a small hamlet—amidst a new spike in China Virus cases.

34) Massachusetts has admitted a “significant overcount” of China Virus deaths.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!

35) Finally, a Hawaii man was found encased in concrete inside his bathtub in a $2.1 million Honolulu home as his homosexual lover was arrested in Kollyfornia.

-His name was not Jimmy Hoffa.


And that’s Today’s News

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