The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Biteme has released the so-called “20th hijacker” from 9/11 from Gitmo.

-Of course, he did.

“20th Hijacker” Of 9/11 Released From Guantanamo Detainee – As Biden Begs For Saudi Oil

2) About time: A judge has tossed out an obstruction charge against a Patriot Day (January 6) defendant in a ruling that could reverberate across hundreds of cases.

3) . . . while the evil Rutabaga regime has rushed to obtain an indictment for a Patriot Day defendant to make an end-run over the requirement to indict someone within 30 days of the date of the arrest.

4) Fighting abortion now requires fighting Americans’ increasing hatred of children.

5) John Green argues that election 2020 was the “mother of all pyrrhic victories.” This is true, and he lays out a great case. But too many on our side are easily willing to “lose now” so we can “win later,” and this time is the exception—not the rule.

Election 2020 – The Mother of All Pyrrhic Victories

6) The Supreme Court rejected a GOP effort to block new congressional maps in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The Court merely postponed a decision, with Brett Kavanaugh arguing it was too close to the election to change. NOTE: my court source Zen Master says that, as with Texas previously, the Court will rule after the election and likely both states will be able to re-draw their maps in 2023.

7) This is where they all are headed: a supposedly Christian university has banned a professor from campus for challenging its obsession with “equity” and “inclusion.”

8) In Kollyfornia, a Daytona beach couple was murdered by a “deranged, random attack” while cycling home from a bar.

-Seems like Kollyfornia has those “deranged, random attacks’ pretty regularly.



9) Just as Biteme and his evil minions are seeking to move everyone into public transportation, America’s commuter rail services are going under.

10) The Rutabaga has signed an executive order to regulate cryptocurrency.

BREAKING: Biden to Sign Exec Order to Regulate Cryptocurrency

11) The “People’s Convoy” of trucks has looped the Beltway in hopes of being a “big pain” until the Biteme regime addresses their concerns, but has been careful to go the speed limit and not enter D.C. itself.

12) Mike Adams has observed that a global crop collapse is now a certainty. And much of it is due to Biteme. He has become not just an American disaster, but a global disaster.

Global Crop Collapse Now a Certainty

13) The Rutabaga is reported to announce a ban on all imports of Russkie oil, LNG, and coal. Americans hardest hit.

14) Nickel prices have soared to over $100,000 per metric ton, shutting down trading on the London Exchange. Russia is the #3 producer of nickel in the world, and is used in making gas turbines, rocket engines, and a variety of alloys for plating, nails, and pipes.

15) Meanwhile, a study says exposure to lead from gasoline has blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population.

-So that explains DemoKKKrats.

16) Fascistbook now called Metabeta, is down 51% from its all-time high.



17) The ChiComs set the lowest growth target in 30 years as their economy continues to slow.

China Set Its Lowest Growth Target in 30 Years

18) Russkie claims of bioweapons labs in Ukraine run by the U.S. appear to be true.

Here are the Documents the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Scrubbed on ‘Biological Threat Reduction’ Labs

19) Germany announced it will still suck Russkie oil.

20) A Canadian court has ordered Freedom Convoy organizer and fundraiser Tamara Lich released from jail.

Ottawa Court Reverses Order from Pro-Trudeau Judge: ‘Freedom Convoy’ Organizer Gets Legal Victory

21) Paki pushback as the Prime Minister of Poh-kee-stan has rebuked pressure to condemn Russia.

“Are We Your Slaves?” Pakistani Prime Minister Rebukes Pressure to Condemn Russia

22) Iran was plotting the assassination of former National Security Adviser John Bolton even as Bitme was negotiating a new nuke deal.



23) The CDC is trying to erase the last two years’ worth of lies it has told.

Infuriating! Rochelle Walensky Tries Erasing The Last 24 Months With These Statements (VIDEO)

24) Good ol’ clot-shot Pfizer has requested a waiver from the FDA’s safety monitoring.

25) This is because Pfizer can lose its liability shield (as can they all) if deaths are proven as willful.

BREAKING: Pfizer Could Lose Liability Protection and Be Sued if the Deaths Are Proven as Willful

26) South African vaxxed hip hop artist (28) has died of a brain hemorrhage.

Vaccinated 28-Year-Old South African Hip Hop Artist DJ Dimplez Passes Away of Sudden Brain Hemorrhage

27) In a stunning moment at Governor Ron DeSantis’s roundtable on leaving the China Virus, a former opponent of the Great Barrington Declaration not only admits he was wrong but apologized to three doctors who signed it.

Stunning Moment at DeSantis’s Doctors Roundtable as Former Opponent of The Great Barrington Declaration Admits He Was Wrong

28) While in the proto-fascist state of Kollyfornia, state health agents have conducted ‘mask raids’ on three private preschools and interrogated toddlers without the parents’ permission.

INSANE: State Health Agents Conduct ‘Mask Raids’ on 3 PRIVATE California PRESCHOOLS and Interrogate Toddlers Without Parents Present

29) Leaked audio has shown that good ol’ Dr. Fallacy’s partner in crime, Francis Collins, threatened unemployment for those who refused the vax.

-They all need camps, folks. ChiCom style reeducation camps—and that’s my generous recommendation.

30) Florida has become the first state to recommend against China Virus vaxxes for healthy kids.

31) And finally, a new study has shown that optimistic people live longer and have healthier lives than pessimists.

-I don’t know about that. I mean, things rarely work out for me regardless of my attitude. The whole world is going to hell.



And that’s Today’s News

Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the NYTimes #1 bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States, and is the founder of the history curriculum site, the  Wild World of History. Larry can be found at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @WallsOther and on Gettr at @OtherWalls and SOON on TruthSocial!