The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

1) Canaries continue to sing: two more House DemoKKKrats, McNerney from Rhode Island and Langevin from Kollyfornia become numbers 27 and 28 to announce they are leaving.

2) Vulnerable House DemoKKKrats begging Botoxic to dump the Build Back Boondoggle and the voting rights hoax bills.

REPORT: Vulnerable House Democrats Want Party To Drop Build Back Better And Voting Reform Bills

3) Can we please trade all of the retiring DemoKKKrats for Minion? Romney wanted to work with Biteme on voting rights legislation but predictably never got a call from the Rutabaga.

-Of course he does.

4) Campaign strategists in both parties play down the huge Gallup shift (14-point swing in a year toward Republicans) by pointing out things can, and do, often swing back.

-This is true, and the GOP cannot take anything for granted. But nothing will “swing” to the DemoKKKrats as long as the Demented Pervert is hell-bent on destroying America. That’s a Brooklyn Bridge too far.

5) What do DemoKKKrats hope to win by losing? The “voting rights” debate. Except there is no obstacle to voting in the U.S. so this is a lose/lose-lose the filibuster vote, lose the so-called “voting rights act” vote.

6) Hammer time: 16 woke Virginia school divisions vow to keep their mask mandates in showdown with Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Now a Total of 16 Virginia School Divisions Vow to Keep Insane Mask Mandates in Place for Children Creating Showdown with New Governor Youngkin

7) One-time GOP darling Cong. Dan Crenshaw of Texas offends two different groups of voters after snapping at a girl for quoting him and telling another group he has no power to help the Patriot Day (January 6) prisoners.

-He claims visiting the prisoners would be “political theater.” You mean like JFK calling the Georgia governor to get Martin Luther King released from jail? That kind of “theater?”

Dan Crenshaw Called Out For Lack Of Action For Jan 6th Prisoners…

8) Senator Dinobernie Sanders (DemoKKKrat-Bejing) is willing to support primary challengers to Manchin-on-a-Hill and Enema.

9) Manchin-on-a-Hill responds: “Bring it on.”

10) New naval cryptological warfare officers cannot do cyber.

-But hold on! They are excellent at woke and diversity.

11) Speaking of competence, Botoxic’s pick for chairwoman of the transportation committee repeatedly crashes her car into a parked vehicle and walks away.

Pelosi’s Top Pick For Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle, Walks Away (VIDEO)

12) After claiming subways were safe, New York City mayor Eric (The Red) Adams admits he is afraid of riding trains.

13) Trying to do everything she can to stay away from the American southern border, veep Kampuchea Harris heads to . . . Honduras to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

-That’s easy, Kampuchea. It’s Biteme.

14) An elite Ivy League feeder school in Virginia is accused of discriminating against Asian students in favor of blacks: Asian admissions dropped by one-third in a single year.



15) Boris Johnson is facing a no-confidence vote in the UK.

16) File under “They Ain’t Wrong!” The ChiComs have mocked Biteme for ordering China Virus tests from . . . China.

17) Definition of lunacy: Australia will soon be vaccinating pets against the China Virus cuz, you know, cats and dogs catch it from their owners.

-Gonna do kangaroos and dingoes?

18) AT&T and Verizon activate 90% of their 5G networks and spark international travel chaos.



19) Arizona and Texas have recovered all jobs lost during the pandemic.

20) U.S. coal stockpiles hit historic lows.

21) Chicago Public Media approves partnership for the Chicago Sun-Times, with gubment absorbing a formerly private (failing) newspaper.

22) This will work out well: feds to allow teenagers to drive big rigs from state to state in an effort to ease the supply chain backlog.

23) The Russell 2000 drops below its 2021 levels in warning sign about the “sordid underbelly” of the stock market.

Russell 2000 Drops Below Year Ago Level. Collapse of IPOs, SPACs, Housing “Tech” Stocks, ARKK, etc. Progresses



24) Actress Yvette Mimieux of the “Time Machine” gone at age 80.

25) File under “People are desperate to see anything decent”: “Spider-Man: No Way Home” lands at #4 on the all-time box office list.

-It’s a good movie. It ain’t the “Godfather.”



26) In case you forgot, a nice list of Biteme’s China Virus lies.

Biden’s Trail of COVID Lies

27) Sweden drops negative China Virus test for entry . . .

Sweden Drops Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement to Enter Country

28) . . . as Scotland lifts restrictions. The world is waking up to the fact that this is the flu.

29) . . . and the UK ends its face mask rules and vaxpasses as Brits are urged to accept the virus as the flu.

-Lessee, who has been saying that for over a year?

30) General Electric drops its vax requirements for its 56,000 employees.

Conservatives Will Love the Precious Gift GE Just Gave to Each of Their 56,000 Employees

31) In contrast, U.S. universities offer further proof that they are no longer centers of knowledge:  U.S. colleges are set to impose new N95 mask requirements and increased China Virus restrictions as classes open.

32) Finally, a former Playboy model insists it is impossible for her to find a boyfriend or even date because men are too intimidated by her beauty.

-I say, we need photo evidence.


And that’s Today’s News


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