The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

1) A 19-year-old won a school board seat in New Jersey running against Communist Racist Theory.

WINNING FORMULA? 19 Year Old Wins School Board Seat in NJ by Running Against CRT

2) Pennsylvania leapt further right on election night. Salena Zito was one of the few reporters who got 2016 right and has been zoned in on the changes in the electorate.

(Rs look to sweep all four judicial elections, plus gains in municipal races.)

3) Recount looms in NJ as Republican refuses (wisely) to concede.

4) Metallurgist admits to faking steel-test results for Navy subs.

5) Even Goodwill is pushing evil Communist Racist Theory in its staff training.

6) Arginine, an inexpensive oral drug, could enhance radiation therapy for cancer.

7) Madison Square Garden, admittedly a UFC fight, chants “eff Joe Biden.”

WATCH: Madison Square Garden Erupts With “FJB” Chant!

8)  . . . while stadium chants “Let’s Go Brandon” after woman kicked out of game wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt. The Brandon Nazis will not win this one folks.

Entire Stadium Chants “Let’s Go Brandon!” After Woman Kicked-Out for Wearing LGB Sweatshirt



9) General Electric to break up into three companies focused on aviation, health care, and energy

10) Gunmaker giant Remington to move global headquarters to LaGrange, invest $100m.

11) Rolls-Royce secures 45 million pound sterling for mini nuke reactors venture.

12) Inland Kollyfornia empires facing skyrocketing rent. (Hint: Leave).

13) Robinhood hacked, millions of names and emails stolen.



14) A judge allows United Airlines to place unvaxxed workers on unpaid leave.

15) Department of Labor backtracks, now most truck drivers will be exempt from vaxiopathic mandates.

16) Biteme administration admits it has “no endgame” for the China Virus.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! They are literally working on a way to keep the China Virus conditions in place after there is no threat.

WATCH: Biden Spokeswoman Admits They Have “No Endgame” When It Comes To Covid

17) Australian nurse charged after pretending to administer the vax. Australiofascists at work.

18) Dr. Marty Makary, St. John’s physician, says the advent of two antiviral pills could render the vax “obsolete.”

-Dr. Makary apparently has never met the Rutabaga.

19) Kiwis finally getting fed up with vaxiopathy, protest.

Thousands protest in New Zealand against COVID-19 rules

20) German news magazine compiles list of 75 athletes who died suddenly in recent months after getting the vax. (It’s in German)

Ab 13 Jahren! Lange Liste “plötzlich” verstorbener oder schwerkranker Sportler

21) Big loophole in Biteme’s OSHA regs: AZ, along with 21 other states, has EXCLUSIVE authority to set its own enforcement of occupational safety and health standards . . . as approved by OSHA. -The Industrial Commission of Arizona |

22) Source tells Children’s Health Network Newsom was injured by the Moderna booster, probably has Bell’s Palsy or something similar.

Gov. Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster Shot, Source Tells The Defender

23) Just as French Health Authority no longer recommends the Moderna for people under 30.

24) FL legislature will meet to consider removing itself from OSHA.

25) Thousands protest in downtown LA vs vaxiopathic rules.

-Sorry folks. You need millions.

Thousands gather in downtown L.A. to protest city worker COVID vaccine mandate

26) Internal report says more than half of the border control agents may be fired for not getting the vax. Part of the plan. The Rutabaga doesn’t want ‘em, doesn’t need ‘em. They are in the way.

Internal Report: More Than HALF Of Border Patrol Agents May Be FIRED For Being Unvaccinated

27) Dana Broussard has won a vax injury claim against worker’s comp. Could be a precedent for China Virus vax cases.

Dana Broussard, First and Only Person to Win a Vaccine Injury Claim Against Worker’s Comp

28) And finally, Dean Stockwell, star of “Quantum Leap,” dead at 85.


And that’s Today’s News


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