The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Biteme continues to plummet in latest USA Today poll, 38% approval (Kampuchea at only 28%—which is why they can’t get rid of Biteme yet!)


2) Meanwhile, Rs have gone out to a shocking 7 point generic lead in the Emerson poll

. . . while out to an even larger 8% lead in Suffolk. (For historical reference, last time Rs had a 6.8% generic lead in 2010 they gained about 40 seats)


3) And another poll (as though it matters): majority strongly oppose Biteme’s proposed $450k payouts to illegal aliens.

4) After calling the report of the $450k for illegals “garbage,” the Demented Pervert confirms just such a plan.

After Earlier Calling Reports ‘Garbage’, Biden Confirms Obscene Plan to Pay Illegal Aliens as Much as $450K Each


5) Rick Scott, for whom many once had hope, shows his RINO insider colors by announcing he will help MurCowSki against her Trump-endorsed challenger.

-George Carlin: “It’s a big club, folks, and you ain’t in it.”

6) And another . . . George P. Bush: DemoKKKrat will win Texas AG spot if Ken Paxton is the GOP candidate.

7) The effort to rewrite history of the most recent election is in full swing. Now it’s because of Bush, not Trump, that Republicans won.

8) Civil war among NV DemoKKKrats opens possible gains for GOP there.

9) DemoKKKrats thought they bottomed out in rural America. They were wrong. (NYSlimes!)


10) Republicans look for advantage as House DemoKKKrats opt for retirement.

-They all see the handwriting on the wall. Already a red wave. But will it be a bloodbath?

11) Illinois Supreme Court strikes down gun and ammo tax.

12)  Even as the Biteme administration is amassing millions of records on U.S. gun owners in preparation for crackdown.

Biden Admin Amassing Millions Of Records On US Gun Owners Amid New Crackdown On Firearms

13) Voting error puts Ciattarelli back up in NJ governor’s race.

Wow: A Voting Error Was Just Fixed in New Jersey and Jack Ciattarelli is Back Up in the Governor’s Race

14) This is rich: Biteme slams Nicaragua’s “sham elections.” How does the Rutabaga think he “won?”

15) File under common sense is winning: only 17% of Americans strongly believe there are multiple genders, down from 24% just two years ago.

Only 17% of Americans Strongly Believe There Are Multiple ‘Genders,’ Down From 24% Two Years Ago

16) Following a trend that I have watched for at least six years, the FL Republicans have overtaken the DemoKKKrats in numbers of registered voters. FL is officially a “red” state now.

17) DeSantis fired up about Russiagate Hoax: “They knew it was a lie.” Keep goin’ gov! You’re gettin’ there. Now do January 6 (Patriot Day).

Gov. DeSantis Fired Up About Russiagate Hoax: “They Knew it was a Lie”

18) Colorado governor, millionaire Polis’s low tax payments draw reactions ahead of re-election campaign.

(Reminder: CO has only elected one Republican governor since 1974. CO isn’t “purple.” It’s deep blue.

Millionaire Polis’ low tax payments draw reactions ahead of re-election campaign

19) Daily dose of Hopium: Former DNI John Ratcliffe says more Durham indictments are coming. Can we please get someone besides the dirty tricks equivalents of janitors?

(No offense to janitors)

20) Kash Patel agrees, saying Durham is building a conspiracy case.

21) John Solomon insists Durham will go after the FBI next. Ooooook.

22) The Tucker Documentary, “Patriot Purge,” claims the man who sat at Botoxic’s desk said prisoners were tortured in D.C. jail.

Tucker Doc: Man Arrested After Sitting at Pelosi’s Desk on Jan. 6 Claims Guards Tortured Prisoners

23) Get your boys out while you can: Boy Scouts announce new Communist Racist Theory requirement.

-I wonder what that badge looks like?



24)  One of the world’s largest investment firms will need permission to hire white men.

25) Danish power group Orsted and Vestas, a wind turbine maker, said project in Europe were facing low wind speeds and “global environment for renewables” will face “difficult situations.”

26) “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” says we’re heading for a new depression. Joins “contrarian” David Hunter who has predicted 60%-80% drop in equities.

27) Right on cue, DOW futures up 100 points to another new high.



28) Xi preparing new doctrine that would let him rule for his entire life. Where have we seen this before?

Xi set to unveil new doctrine that could let him rule for life


29) This is groundhog day: Vermont, the state with the highest vax level in the U.S., reports 527 virus cases.

30) CDC scientists admit they manipulated study data to show vaxxes safe for pregnant women, when 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following the “safe” vax.

CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 Vaccination

31) Sports world demonizes Aaron Rodgers but is silent on NFL player who killed a woman. Wanna guess why?

32) Mensa Club member Terry Bradshaw criticizes Rodgers.

(Memory hole—Hollywood Henderson: “You could spot Bradshaw the “c” and the “a” and he still couldn’t spell “cat.”)

33) After outcry from conservatives, Newsmax claims it was only “informing” employees about the OSHA vax mandate, not requiring it.

Newsmax Isn’t Pushing VAXX Mandate After All, But . . .

34) Brit funeral director says dead babies are piling up in morgues. “Numbers going through the roof.”

British Funeral Director: Dead Babies Are Piling Up in Morgues

35) Finally, on a happier note, actor Josh Brolin celebrates 8 years of sobriety: feels “free to give thanks” to God Who is “inundating our lives.”


And that’s Today’s News

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