The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 5, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The New Jersey governor race is still undecided, despite what AP said: 326,611 ballots still not counted.

2) Some 56 Essex County machines went down without counting votes: investigation underway.

3) Eight who attended the Patriot Day rally on Jan. 6 were elected on Tuesday.

4) Steele dossier source, Igor Danchenko, was arrested for lying to authorities as part of the Durham investigation.

5) Ties to Clinton: Mueller's Investigation just a coverup for Cankles' campaign malfeasance.

6) All of which reminds Cankles of the "terrible" day the FBI reopened the email probe, only to find her innocent in a few hours.

7) Fallout from Tuesday's vote: The left gets schooled by parents.

8) GOP post-election memo: back parents, oppose the mandates, back police, focus on Biteme's economic failures.

9) Racine sheriff refers criminal charges against 5 WI elections commissioners for fraud in the 2020 election.

-More people are now charged with election fraud in 2020 than those charged with any election malfeasance during the entire "Muh Russia" probe.

10) Paul Kengor: Marxism and Communist Racist Theory—the left tries to scrub the connection including Wiki's "encyclopedia" entry."

11) War on single-family home neighborhoods in Maryland: more density, "diversity."

12) Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution implodes with state witness Richard McGinnis: "No, Rittenhouse didn't fire until Rosenbaum charged and lunged at him."


13) Oh, the horror: "climate change" denial runs rampant on Fascistbook, study finds.

14) . . . but reporting on Islamic persecution of Christians offend Fascistbook's standards.

-Oh, sorry, "Metabeta's standards."

15) Far lefty coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warthogs defends Suns owner Robert Sarver against ESPN hoax report. (BTW, for those outside the Valley, the Hoax Sports media has always hated the Suns, esp. since they darn near beat the beloved mini gods, the Boston Celtics, in the 1976 finals).

16) Virginia's new Attorney-General Elect will investigate Loudoun County School Board.

17) DemoKKKrats have more spin cycles than a worn-out washer, now claim they had no media support in recent losses.

18) Sad story of how our education system is utterly failing inner-city residents.

19) MSNBC race-baiters attack Virginia's first black Lt. Governor as a "white supremacist."

-And they wonder why they lost.

20) The DemoKKKrats' "wall": Harris.

-This confirms what I've said for some time—they can't remove Biteme til they remove Kampuchea first because no one wants her in the Oval Office.



21) U.S. oil producers pose "emerging threat" after OPEC defies calls to speed up production.

22) Under Biteme, U.S. labor productivity suffered worst decline in 40 years.

23) Big business groups express displeasure with Biteme's China Virus vax mandate.

-(Guys, you're gonna have to do a whole lot more than "express displeasure: you have to resist and not comply).

24) The number NOT in labor force increased by 38,000 in October. This is the 14th straight month where the "not in labor force" has been 100 million.

25) Global fertilizer production plants halted, delivery trains crashing all leading to projected food crop failures in 2022.

26) John Deere strike continues into 3d week, adding to collapse of supply chain.

27) Cinemark Theater's tout "sustained positive trends" and forecast a "continued ramp-up in box office."

28) Big donors financed the Rutabaga's election, but now they get a chilly reception.

29) Stocks rocket to new highs on "strong" jobs data. (36,442). October hiring exceeded estimates.



30) The Council of Europe removes diversity-promoting hijab campaign after backlash, especially in France. (Probably from the Coneheads)

31) Thoroughly Modern Milley says China is "unlikely" to militarily seize Taiwan in the near future.

-He should know: he was on the phone with them on Jan. 6.



32) Unions look to get rich on Biteme's Build Back Better through home health care.

33) Remember when Botoxic herself said, "We cannot require someone to be Vaccinated. That's just not what we do."

-Until now.

34) Well, well: thousands of intelligence officers refusing vax.

-Hmm. What do you think they know?

35) British Medical Journal says Pfizer's vax trials were poorly managed and data falsified.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

36) Jewish court: "Absolutely forbidden" to give China Virus vaxxes to children.

37) CDC Director Walensky stumbles when asked how many CDC employees are vaxxed.

38) Here we go again: Pfizer says its antiviral pill is "89% effective in high-risk cases."

39) Not clear what the "appeals" process will do, but NYC has reached an agreement with four unions in vax mandate, leave pushed back to June 2022. On the surface, appears to be a win for the communist De Blasio.

40) Joe Pesci lookalike senator Mark Kelly praises Biteme's vax mandate.

-Been good to know ya, Joe.

41) Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) is leading an effort to defund the vax mandate.

-This could have legs. Can't be too long before even DemoKKKrats start to really feel the heat on this.

42) Finally, Alabama lawmakers approve job protections for the unvaxxed. Bravo.


And that's Today's News

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