“The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow”


1. Former Communist News Network camera operator arrested for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz.

2. The Senior Skank wants to know if there is a way to remove a sitting VP (i.e., Kampuchea)?

3. DemoKKKrats worried that FL is becoming a conservative stronghold.

Honey, that train done left the station and a new one ain’t due in.

Democrats Worried About Florida Becoming Conservative Stronghold

4. Just how concerned are the DemoKKKrats that the Punk is going to lose? The Demented Pervert Biteme says “Trump” 24 times in his VA visit. They know the issue is NOT Trump but schools.

5. Justice served in the Loudoun Co. Case with the assailant found guilty on all charges.

I wonder if this is still “fake outrage,” as Zero put it.


6. The “fine people” at the Biteme FBI have joined Botoxic in blocking the GOP from investigating Patriot Day (Jan. 6)

7. Unlike Zero, who has almost no clout in swinging elections, Trump is 120-2 in congressional GOP elections in 2020 and 11-0 in this cycle.

8. Pentagon confirms 439 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan by the “fine people” of the Tolly-ban.

9. Thoroughly Modern Milley says the Chinese hypersonic weapons test is very close to a ‘Sputnik Moment.’

Reminder: When Sputnik went up, we were very close behind but had a number of bad test rockets. When Gargarin went up, we could have put a man up but were more concerned with safety protocols. And as the Soviets continued to shoot men up, they continued to lose a number of cosmonauts that they never publicly admitted.

10. America’s troubled new aircraft carrier, appropriately named the Gerald R. Ford, finally is deployed. I’m sure its crew is “racially conscious.”

11. Some 34% of white college students lied about their race to improve chances of admission/financial aid. Hey, if Comanche (Elizabeth Warren) can do it . . . .

12. Well, this is troubling: Yertle endorses Herschel Walker. Thune did so the other day.

13. Illegal Alien charged with three counts of murder released and allowed to attend school.

Meanwhile, Patriot Day protesters who, so far have not been proven guilty of anything more than “parading,” sit in jail.


14. Gas prices hit a seven-year high. Not going down soon, either.

15. Mentions of “inflation” in corporate earnings calls hit a 20 year high.

16. If China’s economy keeps stumbling, it won’t just take down Beijing–the whole world will collapse with it.

This is a bit of fear-mongering from the pro-China Business Insider. Yes, the US will be hurt. No, China won’t “take down” the US. Yes, China will likely collapse.

17. Feel good story of the day, energy stock surge leaves climateopathic investors in the dust.

Feel Good Story of the Day

18. Dow hits an all-time high, 35,881 before receding.

19. Supply chain issues now “threaten” the Rutabaga’s agenda.

No crap. There is not one thing the Demented Pervert can do about it that won’t run completely contrary to his tyrannical goofball China Virus politics or any of his other nimrod orders.

20. Disney+ subscriber forecast loses luster.


Vax firings spark lawsuit, safety concerns at SC nuke facility.

22. Victory in Spain: Gubment must repay 1 million China Virus fines. First lockdown ruled unconstitutional. (As they all should be).

23. 70% of China Virus deaths in Sept. in both Sweden & UK were fully vaxxed.

70 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Both in Sweden and UK in September Were “Fully Vaccinated”

24. Between 100-200 members of Congress have been successfully treated for China Virus by Ivermectin with zero hospitalizations and zero Hoax Media coverage.

Blockbuster Buried by MSM: 100-200 Members of Congress Successfully Treated for Covid-19 with Ivermectin with ZERO Hospitalizations

25. And finally, Israeli physicians warn that FDA China Virus vax data is flawed.


That’s today’s news.

“The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow”

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