We are joined in the second half of the show by Ekim Alptekin, who is still suffering through persecution in regards to the FARA case involving General Flynn’s company.

Listen as he explains where he is at in his case and also who visited him in Turkey at a super interesting time in this saga. Big shout out to The Washington Pundit and Adam Taylor who have been covering this since the beginning. Check the show notes for a link to an article explaining more detail.

Also, we talk about January 6th, the FDA approving the vaccine for young kids, and get into some stand-up! Mike is Funny!

Don’t miss this great episode!

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The Washington Pundit: Why did Biden’s brother visit Ekim Alptekin, central figure in the Flynn Investigation?

CitizenFreePress.com: Louie Gohmert grills Garland over FBI informants on January 6th

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