Project Veritas (PV) released Part 4 of ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Exposed’ last night, featuring scientists at the COVID-19 drug manufacturer Pfizer making statements that ‘natural immunity‘ proponents see as vindication. One Pfizer employee is shown explaining why he thinks naturally produced antibodies will be more effective than those from the vaccination,” while another says that a natural response to infection will provide protection for a longer period of time.

Project Veritas says that Pfizer scientist Nicholas Karl is “directly involved in the production” of Pfizer’s COVID product. He is shown in the newest release as saying, “When somebody is naturally immune, they got COVID [and survived], they probably have, not better, but more antibodies against [all parts of] the virus. So your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination.” Similar to some of the other pharmaceutical company employees that PV’s releases have featured, he nevertheless goes on to speak in a way that does not go against the incentives of his employer:

“For instance, like the city needs like vax cards. It’s just about making it so inconvenient for unvaccinated people [until] they’re just like, ‘Fuck it, I’ll get it.'”

Pfizer employee Chris Croce is another Scientist in the release video; he is named as a Senior Associate by Veritas. Of natural immunity, he says, “You’re protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response.” Like Karl, Croce goes back on message later by saying, “If your immunity starts to wane, then get vaccinated.”

He raises concerns about privacy violations when he says, “They’re trying to keep track of everyone that’s been vaccinated. You shouldn’t have to show anything, which is, in my opinion, a violation of HIPAA.” There are concerns that he voices about health as well. He acknowledges the problem of myocarditis among young people and says, “that’s what we’re looking into right now. We just sent 3,000 patients’ samples to get tested [for] elevated troponin levels.”

Croce has much to say about the financial incentives of Pfizer and its competitors. “You have multiple companies that were basically given a crap ton of money to produce vaccines, and they’re pushing them. Monoclonal antibody treatments, which have been advanced as an alternative to COVID jabs, were “pushed to the side.” In other clips, he says, “Basically our organization is run on COVID money,” and “I still feel like I work for, like, an evil corporation because it comes down to profits in the end,” explaining, “I’m there to help people, not to make millions and millions of dollars. That’s the moral dilemma.”

Beyond the concerns that led Croce to come forward, he describes the culture and environment that makes it difficult to do so. “There’s ears and eyes everywhere. You don’t talk about anything that can possibly implicate you or, like, Big Pharma. Even if you shut the door to the office, who’s listening?”

Rahul Khandke is the third scientist from Pfizer featured in part four of the COVID-19 Vaccination series. He says he and colleagues are “bred and taught to be like, ‘the vaccine is safer than actually getting COVID,'” referencing seminars where they were to “sit there for hours and hours” listening to “like, ‘you cannot talk about this, in public.'”

Project Veritas has promised that future releases in the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Exposed’ series are on the way “in the very near future,” including “more Pfizer tapes.” The final clip in this release may be a teaser for what we are soon to see. It has PV founder James O’Keefe entering the Pfizer building and getting a ‘Code Yellow’ called on him by security when he says, “We have hidden camera footage of executives at Pfizer.”

“Code Yellow?” O’Keefe says, “Who knows what that means??”

Pfizer Chairman and CEO Dr. Albert Bourla recently had an open letter published explaining the company’s push for booster doses. The letter addresses the concern that any measurable benefit his company’s drug offers, by his admission, will not necessarily last:

“Last December, Pfizer and our collaborator, BioNTech, achieved our goal of creating the first COVID-19 vaccine to receive Emergency Use Authorization… With more than 1.5 billion doses delivered to date, our vaccine has saved millions of lives worldwide and allowed countless numbers of people to avoid the devastating experience of being hospitalized for COVID-19.

This week we are approaching another pivotal moment in our ongoing fight against the virus as an independent advisory committee will meet to discuss and advise the FDA on Pfizer’s application seeking approval of a booster dose of our COVID-19 vaccine in people ages 16 years and older.

Evidence collected from our clinical trial up through six months after the second dose shows that the vaccine continues to be safe, well-tolerated, and highly effective in preventing COVID-19, despite the appearance of different variants. It is common, however, with many vaccines to observe a decline in vaccine efficacy over time, a reflection of what’s called ‘waning immunity,’ or a decrease in the body’s ability to protect against infection. This is where the potential need for booster shots comes in—to provide a ‘boost’ to the immune system.”

As of this writing, there has been no published public response from Pfizer since the Project Veritas release.

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