On the New Book of Daniel Podcast for June 18, 2021, it’s amazing that governors and companies are bribing people to take the jab. Free beer. Free movie popcorn. Free gift cards. Even getting your name entered into a lottery to win $1,000,000. Idaho’s Governor Brad Little recently announced a bribe to state employees — get the jab and get four hours of paid time off. That’s bad enough, but the rest of his announcement makes him an embarrassing laughingstock. Daniel explains.

Articles mentioned in this show:

Governor Little Tries to Bribe State Employees

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Daniel is a certified behavioral analyst, an award-winning best-selling author, corporate trainer, executive coach, and columnist. He also holds a master's degree in training and development. He's a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free-market capitalism—while standing firmly against crony capitalism.