Over the weekend, there was a rally in Antrim County, Michigan, organized by Former Michigan Sen. Patrick Colbeck called “Come Hear the Evidence.” Mike Lindell of MyPillow attended and evidence of election fraud was heard.

Colbeck’s website, Lets Fix Stuff, is election integrity central for the Antrim County election fraud case brought forward by Attorney Matt DePerno and his client William Bailey. DePerno issued a statement on June 2, stating that he and his client would not be attending the rally “due to the new focus of the event,” possibly referencing Lindell’s presenting his “Absolutely 9-0” election fraud exposé at the event. DePerno announced in the same press release that he will soon release “new and exciting evidence ready to be disclosed.” 

June 5 Rally/DePerno Press Release

DePerno did manage to call out MLive’s reporting of the event, however.


Come Hear the Evidence Rally/June 5, Antrim County MI

Lindell’s new video allegedly presents incontrovertible evidence of election fraud involving a massive number of packets of information being sent over the internet from China and other foreign countries. He claims that white hat hackers recorded the election in real-time and captured votes being flipped.

The Antrim County lawsuit has been the subject of a series of articles written by UncoverDC since the Fall of 2020. The lawsuit was dismissed on May 18, but DePerno says he is “not done.” DePerno has been a real warrior in the election integrity arena. His case has been the only case in the country to go to the evidentiary phase. He plans to appeal and present the evidence he continues to find that, he says, proves votes were switched not only in Antrim county but many other counties in Michigan.

On May 30, a “Michigan court [has] ruled several recall petitions against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) can move forward, denying her bid to thwart them. In a ruling last week, the Michigan Court of Appeals backed the State Canvasser Board’s approval of six recall petitions against Whitmer and one against Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist (D),” according to OAN Newsroom.

Many in the state are up in arms because Whitmer continues to violate her own lockdown rules. She had violated a rule that capped restaurant parties at six people, and shortly thereafter, the rule was rescinded. Whitmer has presided over some of the most tyrannical and restrictive pandemic mitigation strategies of any state in the U.S. There are now six recall petitions in progress.