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We are THRILLED to be joined today by The Precinct Project’s Dan Schultz, who walks us through the single most powerful thing that we can do to ensure election integrity and make a difference in our country moving forward.

This show will detail (with instruction) how YOU can take control of the Republican party in your area in a few simple steps, affect change at the local and state levels, and ensure both election integrity, and that future candidates for office at the state and federal level match YOUR values.

They are terrified of you finding out about this. You have been asking “what can we do?!” THIS IS IT.

To visit Dan’s blog, go to and learn more, and please reach out to us for help.

The time to step up is NOW.


The Precinct Project

Tracy Beanz
Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Beanz, is an investigative journalist. Focused on bringing integrity and ethics back to journalism, she is known for her factual research into the details few others pursue. Tracy hosts the popular podcast, Dark to Light. She is also a social media phenom who amassed nearly 900,000 Twitter followers with her video reports receiving millions of views before being banned by "Big Tech."