Ep. 23: What Media & Short-Sighted Governors are Not Telling You About Covid-19

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  • 09/19/2023

With Covid-19, common sense isn't so common. Thankfully, more doctors are speaking up, pointing out the negative consequences in the actions of well-intended but misguided governors. Dr. Joshua Dopko is one such doctor, but not without backlash: Some have accused him of being a bio-terrorist.

As an emergency department physician, Dr. Dopko believes fear-driven lockdowns that prevent people from going outside will have severe long-term ripple effects, and that governors and high-ranking health professionals appear to be ignoring the inevitable results. In our show today, Dopko discusses the dangers of their actions.

Dr. Dopko also believes there's danger in pushing down too much on the curve, and that many drastic measures curtailing our freedoms will have no effect on the number of people getting Covid-19. Today's discussion also includes herd immunity, the role of hydroxychloroquine, and the need to GET OUTSIDE!

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2:40 - A brief intro of Joshua Dopko, M.D.
3:11 - Joshua Dopko Interview
3:44 - Joshua's education & background
7:00 - Getting kicked out of Facebook groups
9:36 - Joshua's concerns regarding the spreading virus
11:35 - Dangers of "fear" & flattening the curve too much
18:10 - Problems with the prevailing mindset
20:21 - Explanation of 'herd immunity'
22:20 - False info coming from high-ranking medical professionals
24:08 - Hydroxycholoquine
26:35 - Safer in the sun - Disagreeing with 'shelter-at-home'
28:57 - Dangers of stay home orders
31:03 - Orders that make no sense
33:50 - Decisions should be based on science
35:06 - Accused of being a bio-terrorist/not caring if people die
38:09 - Hospitals get big money for admitting Covid patients
39:18 - The very real danger that small hospitals may close
40:19 - What governors COULD have done
42:48 - You're going to get the virus - What they don't tell you about the deaths
44:08 - Unintended consequences: Many "elective" surgeries are still necessary
45:46 - Unintended consequences: The coming food shortage
46:14 - Creating local supply chains / becoming self reliant
50:05 - Media misrepresenting Covid-19 cases correlating to protests
54:27 - How to stay in touch with Daniel (also see the links below)


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