Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Ep. 22: Relieve Coronavirus Lockdown Stress – 15 Tips with Dr. Lynn Laird

With so many governors ordering businesses to close and people to stay home (however unconstitutional all that might be), people are experiencing increased levels of stress! The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological impacts are very real, and frankly not healthy.

Join psychologist Lynn Laird as she and Daniel discuss 15 ways to lower our stress levels. Many of these tips seem quite simple, but the question is always, “Are you doing them?” Lynn and Daniel also offer tips to help implement these stress reducing techniques. Give a listen to what Lynn and Daniel have to say, and if you pick up just one or two useful ideas, it will be worth it.

Also, if you know of stress reducing tips we didn’t cover and you’d like to share them, put them in the show notes!

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1:37 – A brief intro of Lynn Laird, Psy.D.
2:19 – Lynn Laird Interview
3:28 – Lynn’s education & background
5:37 – Tip #1: Journaling / Gratitude journaling
11:20 – Tip #2: Connect with friends on Zoom or Skype just to “hang out”
12:47 – Tip #3: Develop/keep a routine & Schedule your week
14:57 – Tip #4: Set goals
17:38 – Tip #5: Balance grief with gratitude
21:11 – Tip #6: Dream a little! (even if it’s in pencil)
25:19 – Tip #7: Move and get exercise
30:16 – Tip #8: Get an accountability partner
32:57 – Tip #9: Limit social media (and ALL media)
37:28 – Tip #10: Do volunteer work
38:04 – Tip #11: Play games / make plans with your family
38:20 – Tip #12: Try new recipes
40:07 – Tip #13: Take initiative to make phone calls
41:49 – Tip #14: Get good sleep
46:50 – Tip #15: Do deep breathing
48:54 – Bonus tip: Progressive muscle relaxation
50:38 – How to contact Lynn Laird
52:42 – How to stay in touch with Daniel (also see the links below)


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