Ep. 17: An hour with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko rocked the political world with a column about why she left the Democrat party. In this hour-long interview, she shares additional insights on what’s happening with the political Left, and why she thinks people will continue leaving the Democrat party.

In the discussion: Karlyn’s thoughts on the contrived diversity of Democrats, “the problem with Joe Biden,” and her firm belief in the freedom of speech.

You’ll also learn what Karlyn believes people must do differently to bring the country together, and why it’s so important to stand up for one’s principles. It’s insights into Karlyn Borysenko on the New Book of Daniel podcast!

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Click on the time stamps to jump to a section you want to hear:

1:05 – Dr. Karlyn Borysenko’s bio
2:22 – Show sponsor: The Lift Realty Group www.LiftRealtyGroup.com 208-640-6333
4:39 – How Daniel connected with Karlyn
6:11 – Karlyn’s “walk away” story – Why she left the Democrat party
7:44 – How Karlyn’s life has changed since her “conversion”
13:09 – Karlyn’s thoughts on CPAC: DIVERSITY
19:37 – The Left is using Covid-19 to try to create a recession
24:44 – Karlyn predicts people will continue to “walk away”
26:11 – The problem with Joe Biden
29:51 – Virtue signaling – it happens on both sides
34:19 – Karlyn’s most important core value: Freedom of Speech
37:22 – The power of taking a principled stand / Taking pride in America
39:26 – Disussion of Leftist impact in higher education
47:17 – Double standards for conservatives on social media
56:23 – Dealing with troublemakers on social media
59:00 – Karlyn’s first column on UncoverDC
1:03:16 – The need to work WITH people on other side of the aisle, or we’ll have civil war
1:07:10 – Info on Karlyn’s LIVESTREAMING on YouTube
1:09:09 – How to get a hold of Karlyn / How to find her book
1:11:01 – How to get a hold of Daniel


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