Dark To Light: Julian Assange

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Live from the hotel at CPAC 2020 near Washington DC, Frank and Beanz back together again. The show was heated and honest today with the pair discussing the case of Julian Assange. What is he in front of the judge for and what will happen? What is the backstory?

Also, what are some of the things that journalists deal with nowadays and how is the business expected to survive? How in the HECK is Richard Grenell involved in all of this? We explain.

Finally, we hit on the debate at the end but the podcast is really raw today. Don’t miss it!



The call


Tracy Beanz
Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Beanz, is an investigative journalist. Focused on bringing integrity and ethics back to journalism, she is known for her factual research into the details few others pursue. Tracy hosts the popular podcast, Dark to Light. She is also a social media phenom who amassed nearly 900,000 Twitter followers with her video reports receiving millions of views before being banned by "Big Tech."