Dark To Light: Misinformation Abounds

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Ever since Friday, we have seen nothing but a constant stream of negative misinformation flowing from otherwise “ok” accounts. We take some time to speak to that today on the show and explain why it is dangerous.

Then, we move on to some clips from the President about Barr and some clips from Rod Blagojevich. We talk about the outrageous headline at AP last night talking about how the CIA dosed Whitey Bulger with LSD during secret mind control experiments FIFTY TIMES and finish up by talking about an upcoming guest and force fed “Social Justice” in the UK.

Busy show!



Former Gov. Rod Blagojevic speaks to Fox 31 in Denver

John Durham isn’t playing

Whitey Bulger was dosed with LSD by the CIA

Tracy Beanz
Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Beanz, is an investigative journalist. Focused on bringing integrity and ethics back to journalism, she is known for her factual research into the details few others pursue. Tracy hosts the popular podcast, Dark to Light. She is also a social media phenom who amassed nearly 900,000 Twitter followers with her video reports receiving millions of views before being banned by "Big Tech."