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On today’s edition of Dark To Light, Frank and Tracy Beanz start the show by talking about a really terrifying incident at the Willard Hotel this past weekend. Democrats, all middle aged, attacked a group of Trump supporters who were minding their business at their Christmas party and one of those people assaulted a veteran SEAL and ended up in jail.

That brings the pair into impeachment, where they talk about the breaking news that Jerry Nadler has released the House Judiciary report on the matter, and then it is on to sanctimonious Jim Comey, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the crew.

Also, make sure to tune in to hear the upcoming podcast schedule for the Holidays!


A Twitter thread from a witness of the incident at the Willard Hotel

Tracy Beanz YouTube: The Landscape – Explained

Fox News’ Dan Bongino rips into James Comey

James Comey: “I was wrong to say FISA process was followed.”


Tracy Beanz
Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Beanz, is an investigative journalist. Focused on bringing integrity and ethics back to journalism, she is known for her factual research into the details few others pursue. Tracy hosts the popular podcast, Dark to Light. She is also a social media phenom who amassed nearly 900,000 Twitter followers with her video reports receiving millions of views before being banned by "Big Tech."