Dark To Light: Friday Exclamations

On this passionate edition of the Dark to Light podcast, Frank and Beanz spend a lot of time going over the cultural and political aspects of the fallout from the Epstein arrest, including information learned since and the discussion of Beanz’ new OpEd on UncoverDC. They talk about the resignation of Alex Acosta and what that means. They then move into the social media summit, and how it affected the mainstream media as well as a new research piece Beanz is working on.

Then, they move into some more information about the Concord Management case and how it relates to the Mueller investigation as a whole and the huge drug seizure in Philadelphia and what that means for other large investigations.

Finally, they wrap with the arrest of R. Kelly and talk about the breaking news of the Mueller testimony being postponed.

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CBS News: Over $1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Historic Drug Bust In Philadelphia

Vice.com: The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is Fanning The Flames Of Far-Right Pedophilia Panic

CNN: R.Kelly Arrested On Federal Charges Of Child Pornography And Transporting Girls And Women For Sex



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Tracy Beanz
Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Beanz, is an investigative journalist. Focused on bringing integrity and ethics back to journalism, she is known for her factual research into the details few others pursue. Tracy hosts the popular podcast, Dark to Light. She is also a social media phenom who amassed nearly 900,000 Twitter followers with her video reports receiving millions of views before being banned by "Big Tech."